Thursday, 17 May 2012

An adorable person of the Malayalam Film Industry who is renowned for his hardwork and dedication is none other the Cinematographer Venugopal. He was born and brought up in the "Land of Zamorins" – Kozhikode. He is known for the magical touch in every work he does. He captures the minute details of Nature through his Camera eyes that makes each film a different experience. His hardwork, dedication and utmost passion for cinematograhpy has raised him to become one of the topmost cameramen in the Malayalam Industry. After successfully completing around 75 films in Malayalam, He has stepped in the world of Telugu film Industry, where his excellence in cinematography was recognised in his second film itself. He was awarded the 24th Barathamuni Award for best cinematography of Telugu film "Subhapradham". This film was directed by none other than the eminent Director Sri. K. Vishwanath.


Engineering to Photography
Venugopal is the son of renowned Ayurvedic Doctor Late M.N. Panicker. His father's ambition was to make him an engineer, but Venugopal could not fulfil the wishes of his father. When he joined for engineering, cinematography or film industry was blank in his mind. His passion for photography grew when he spent his free time during his studies in his Uncle's studio. IAB Digital Studio at Coimbatore brought out the Cinematographer in Venugopal. He learnt film developing and other related jobs during his free time. This interest totally drifted him away from engineering to Cinematography. A strict father was totally troubled with his son's attitude. He was not at all interested in his son entering the film industry, but the adamant son finally got the permission from his father and went to Chennai to do a course in photography.
Gateway to Cinema
After his course, his father 's close friend MR. M. T. Vasudevan Nair introduced him to MR. Jayanan Vincent. He was appointed as MR. Jayanan Vincent's assistant for the next film "Uyaranagalil". Unfotunately, before he could step into the film industry a great storm came in the form of his Father's death. He put a temporary fullstop to his ambitions and returned home.
The greatest disaster in life
The death of his father was the greatest disaster in life. Though his father was a very strict person, the very few days he spent with his after his education was one filled love and affection, but this life was shortlived. His father's death totally changed his life, he became very lonely, only now he understood the value of his father. It took him a long time to recover and come back to the reality of life.

Return to Cinema
After a long interval he returned to the film industry as an assistant for Mr. M. T. Vasudevan Nair's "Anubandam". This was a turning point in his life. He worked as an Independent Cameraman for the Tamil film "Pournami Rojakkal". His first independent Malayalam film was Mr. Kaladharan's "Ellarum Chollunnu". He was also given the freedom to work with His Guru for the film "Oh Fabby". The most unexpected and memorable moment was the release of this film as Cinematography title was - " Jayanan Vincent and Venugopal". This is the greatest gift he received from his Guru.
With the best Directors of Malayalam industry
He has worked with the most eminnent directors of Malayalam film industry. Sibi Malayil, Lohitadas, Jayaraj, Kamal, V.M. Vinu, Rajasenan, Kaladharan, etc., are the directors with whom he has been able to bring out his cinematographic talents. Ente veedum Appundeyum, Joker, Pallavur Devarayanan, Meghamalhaar etc., are a few to name among the 75 films he has worked for.
Creation of Love songs
Most of the romantic songs like the ones in Jalolsavam, Nammal, Meghamalhar are still remembered and treasured among the audience.
What is the Success of a Cameraman?
The relationship between the director and cameraman should be very strong only then a film will suceed. Once the script is ready it should be carefully read. During this time the place of visualization of each scene should be finalised. Each and every scene should be pre planned. A cameraman must be completely involved in each and every movement of the film. A lot of homework must be done before commencing a film. Dedication towards work is the most important factor for the success of a film.
Yesterday and Today
In earlier days, the director saw the progress of his work through the cameraman's eyes. Today film industry has developed to a vast extent and each scene can be viewed immediately and the necessary corrections can be made. The success of each film lies in the unity among the co workers. The producer, director, cameraman, music director etc., should have a understanding among themselves from the beginning to the release of a film. The present generation lacks this unity which is a major cause for problems faced in the industry.
Malayalam to Telugu Industry
The dedication and hardwork in the malayalam film industry rendered a path to the Telugu film industry. The same dedication and hardwork reaped the fruits of labour. Mr. Venugopal received the Bharathamuni award for the best cinematography of Mr. K. Vishwanath's film SUBHAPRADHAM.


A NON stop Krishna Bakthi Geetham for 50 mins directed by venugopalan, produced by vm medias (venugopalan & mahesh kumar) .music:sasi krishna,singer: sindhu premkumar & marketed by manorama music.
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